By: Dr. Mona Youssri

Child psychiatrist, Family Counselor & CLC Founder

I always wonder why do women think its a competition for a better mom?? Is it because of the historical best mom contest? Or is it just pure female competitiveness?


Whatever it is, we as mothers have a serious impact on the world, and thats what we should be focusing on!  For the future will depend on generations we are raising today.


Some   women   have   to   work   for family support, while others work to make a difference in one or more of the   needed   fields.   On   the   other hand, a stay at home mom, doesnt mean that her only job  is  to  cook and clean the house, it means that she is choosing to make a difference in a different way at home.


There are working moms who know exactly how to make a life-work balance  and  give  their  families  all the love and nurturing they need. So we need to  stop presuming that a successful woman has a lag at home. And there are stay at home moms that plan their life to be always beneficial  to   their  family  and  to their  community.  So,  we  need  to stop   presuming  that   the   stay   at home mom is only for keeping the kids fed and the house clean.


There are working moms who absolutely forget that they have a family and who surrender their kids to the maids. There are also stay at home  moms  who  forget  why  they are staying at home and neglect all their family needs and also give up their kids to the maids.

The     thing     is     that     instead     of comparing and contrasting and trying continuously and persistently to prove who the better woman is; we  should  be  collectively  working on our better selves and making the world  a  better  place  together  and for each other.


So look  for  the moms around you and start the inspirational cycle, for if moms prosper, the world wins!!

Here are 8 tips for happification of the Mom:


1. Stop whining about being tired or the shortage of time; this will not make you feel any better, on the contrary it will simply drag you into the cycle of negativity, which I call the “Amina Rizk Syndrome” (an Egyptian actress who did a lot of self sacrificing mom roles) or, the tired self-sacrificing mom syndrome.

If  youre  tired,  make  sure  to  get

enough sleep and eat healthy.


2. Revise your priorities; dont let society pressure you into whats important. You decide if going to the spa is your recharging priority or taking a class will make you a better you.


3. Ask fellow moms for support; babysit for each other to go to the movies with your spouses or make supermarket trips for one another.


4.  Allow outside help;  as  well  as partner sharing of errands, chores and activities. You don’t have to do it all yourself to be a good mom.

5. Remind yourself why you are working? Or  why  you’re  staying at home? If you are convinced with your   choice,   you   will   definitely make a difference either way.


6. Make a connection with a mothers group for support or start a mothers group yourself. Choosing to be supportive, helpful and kind to others will also reflect back on you and your family. You are a model for your children and what you do will affect their well being, and their character.


7. Remember to regularly connect with  your  partner  as  a  person and  not  only  as  a  father.  Thats why I don’t advise couples to call each other mom and dad.


8. Enjoy your kids, enjoy your family and enjoy your life. And by the way that will need some conscious effort and maybe some guidance or coaching.



All moms are important, all moms are making a difference and are impacting the world one child at a time.