Dr. Mona Ibrahim Youssri is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a Family Counselor and CLC’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Mona is a licensed couples and family counselor in Dubai and a member of MEPA ( Middle East Psychological Association), currently working at American Wellness center in Dubai Health Care City. She is also life time member of the International Honor Society in psychology (PSI CHI). She helped with the startup of the Graduate School of Education of the American University in Cairo by training teachers of different International schools in Egypt.

Dr. Mona is also a certified trainer accredited by Oxford Press and has Masters of Arts in International Counseling, American University in Cairo 2012.

She uses Play Therapy methods and conducts parent-child play assessments to treat parent- child interaction problems.

Being the founder and owner of CLC Educational Group, a group of  early literacy based preschools and the first in Egypt to have a child psychology based curriculum, she conducts and designs programs for; teachers workshops as well as parenting lectures. She also designs school counseling systems including training and supervising the school counselors. She diagnoses and treats children with behavioral problems mostly using play therapy methods and behavioral management techniques.

Dr. Mona has presented a proposal to the Qatari council of education that won the first place out of 600 other proposals concerning a school program and which was internationally judged.


"I dream and work very hard for the day that NATIONAL EGYPTIAN SCHOOLS are the schools that are worthy of our Egyptian children. I think we should be inspired by international approaches, but we will NEVER get anywhere if we keep copying them instead of forming our national approach towards education!! Hope to witness this day!!"

Dr. Mona Youssri